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Historical Moments


Establishment of a commercial
outlet for machines and flour mill materials on 19A, K Mavromichali
Street, in Piraeus

Production Capacity


More than 80 years experience servicing the area of Greek Industry and continuous progress are key elements to our success and longevity in this sector. Success needs no secrets; it can be the result of:
  • the constant monitoring and implementation of advances in technology
  • the ideal correlation between quality and price
  • the spirit of the offering of utility and mutual interest
  • the creation and maintaining of special partnerships
  • respect, responsibility, friendly atmosphere
Prior to our company’s implementation of the ISO 9001 quality certification series, the assurance of quality had always been our method of operation. Our customers have come to rely on this on a daily basis. For decades our company name is synonymous with belt drives, pulleys, conveyor belts, assembly line systems, electric motor drives, reducers, sprockets, chains, perforated metallic sheets, metallic wire cloths, industrial filters, and the list goes on.

We collaborate with leaders in the Global and especially European Industry.

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